YB Cocktail Tips

Always use smaller sized ice cubes when making a cocktail. This creates a smoother taste by allowing a proper mix of water and alcohol, since they melt faster when the alcohol is poured over them.

Using smaller cubes is especially important when making blender recipes, since most blenders can not break up the larger ones.

If you only have large ice cubes, wrap them in a clean cloth and break them with a mallet into pieces approximately one half to three quarters inch in diameter.

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  • Choose fresh unblemished lemon with a fairly thin skin
  • Slice off both ends and lightly slit peal from end to end
  • Insert cocktail spoon under slit and work around til the peal is removed from the pulp
  • Slice peal lengthwise into about 8 to 10 pieces.
  • Twist a piece of the peal with outer skin facing toward Martini til the oil emerges
  • Rub twist around rim of glass and drop into cocktail
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Fill a glass with ice cubes and top cold water. Stir briskley until frost forms on the outside.

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If you want to layer a drink, use the cocktail spoon. Pour the drink ingredients over the bottom of the spoon (with the concave part of the spoon facing downwards) Another way to achieve a good layering is to pour the heaviest liqueurs first.

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