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Youngest Brother Bar

Bar Menu and Pizza
Friday Happy Hour Buffet

Happy Hour
4:00 til 6:00
Monday thru Friday

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View of Youngest Brother Bar

What's the name of the bar "where everybody knows your name"? "Cheers" of course ..... or is it Youngest Brothers? At the YB Bar, you'll find lots of friendly people and good times. Stop by for Happy Hour between 4:00 and 6:00 for discounted drink prices and complimentary Happy Hour Snacks. On Fridays, enjoy the YB Happy Hour Buffet. Bring a group of friends or co-workers with you. There's lots of seating.

Friday Nights at YB Bar

There's action at the YB Bar, too. Play New York State Quick Draw or one of the many Lottery Games available. Watch Sports on one the many TV's, listen to Music or just chat with one of the bartenders or your bar chair neighbor.

Eating is one the YB Bars Favorite Pastimes

Eating seems to be one of YB Bar's favorite past times. Order from the restaurant menu or the Bar Menu. For light treats, there's bar pies, shrimp, clams, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fried calamari, and chicken wings. There's also large Pizza Pies with your favorite toppings available to share amongst friends.

Good company, good wine, good welcome make good people.

Friendship is the wine of life.
Let's drink of it and to it.